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 Details about is malicious domain reported as browser hijacker that takes over startup page of users’ web browser via modifying browser settings of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Though it looks like legitimate search engine on the surface, it causes various troubles to computer users. Besides your homepage,

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How to Get Rid of from Your PC?

 Learn about is a new web browser hijacker which automatically set itself as your default start-up page and search engine on browser. It makes change on your IE, Chrome or Firefox with some nasty extension, add-on, or plug-in installed without your permission. It is used to mislead computer users to use

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Guide to Get Rid of

 What is is a browser hijacker and it is formulated by hackers to get themselves profit. It is very dangerous because few of the browsers can resist its infection. Including Microsoft edge, google chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even safari, they could not scape. So even though you have not been

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