Meizu has been profitable in 2016

November 30, Meizu new release at the official release of the Meizu PRO 6 Plus and Charm Blue X two products, and for the majority of users of Flyme6’s new upgrade. In addition, Meizu Science and Technology CEO Bai Yongxiang announced that, despite the 2016 Meizu face many challenges, but the Meizu “dare to change, can change” in 2016 successfully achieved profitability.In the media interview after the meeting, Bai Yongxiang confirmed the profit of the “well-founded”: “Meizu’s financial system comparable to the size of listed companies, after a comprehensive, rigorous calculation and finishing Meizu 2016 proved profitable.

Bai Yongxiang also mentioned that the overall sales of Meizu is rising, “This year we sold more than last year, Meizu in a solid step forward.”

Meizu was originally known as “small and beautiful”, but in 2015, Meizu already has not “small” 20 million users. Bai Yongxiang said at the press conference, Meizu in the eyes of everyone is a searchlight brand, should bring exciting technology products. On the one hand, Meizu up and down a year in innovation, “Kung Fu.” Experienced a year to create the ingenuity of the Flyme 6 officially released, Meizu through one mind, pseudo-base station defense system and other innovative technologies to show the outside world R & D strength. According to Yang Yan, vice president of Meizu introduced in 2016, Flyme6 is also exploring the business model, the current value-added software and Internet-related revenue accounted for a larger percentage of Meizu profits, Meizu’s value-added services and smooth operation of the layout. At the same time, Charm Blue X “both shell, but also for the core” for the user to bring a new product experience blue charm. On the other hand, Meizu has a strong partner. Meizu and the days of sound cooperation “vendor integration” mode, and the days of the sound line of channels to enhance the Meizu sales and strength; and the release of the Meizu PRO 6 Plus also equipped with a Samsung Exynos8890 processor, a substantial increase in the phone Performance.

Meizu had received the days of holding 200 million investment holdings, valuation growth of 2.47 times, reaching 30.5 billion, the capital market Meizu hold positive attitude. Meizu Li Nan, vice president of science and technology has said that Meizu in the past in the channel and a lot of R & D investment in 2016 will be profitable. Bai Yongxiang in the conference confirmed the Meizu earnings news.

Perhaps as Bai Yongxiang said, “Meizu is a technology company, we have the obligation, but also the ability to create some new technology, the use of advanced technology to create our products.” Meizu in product development, offline channels, after-sales service, etc. Aspects of the layout of the perfect, Meizu’s giant transformation strategy in full speed.

It is reported that, December 6, Meizu will be held at the end of the last conference, when the new blue charm Note will meet with you. According to the official release of the news point of view, the conference invitation itself is a charm blue Note3, the back of the printed “20000000 charm blue Note Series”, meaning the charm blue Note series from December 2014 release after listing 2 years Has sold 20 million units, the charm of new products may be the Meizu Note this year’s finale.