How do you change thank the bus driver Keybind?

How do you change thank the bus driver Keybind? 

By default these keys will be:
  1. PS4, PS5 – Down on the d-pad.
  2. Xbox One, Xbox One X/S – Down on the d-pad.
  3. Nintendo Switch – Down on the d-pad.
  4. Mobile/Tablet – Press the emote button.
  5. PC – Press B.

Where is the bus driver on my computer? 

How do I thank a bus driver for mobile? Mobile/Tablets: Press the ‘Emote’ button on the top right corner of screen.

How many times do you need to thank the bus driver Fortnite? To complete the quest, you must thank the bus driver five times, requiring you to load into five separate matches. Once that’s done, you’ll have 50K XP added to your Season 8 level progression.

How do you change thank the bus driver Keybind? – Additional Questions

How do you use emotes in Fortnite PC?

How can you emote during a Fortnite match on PC? The default emote key on PC is B. This means that if you hadn’t made any changes to your keybinding, you should be able to trigger your emote wheel with the B button once you load into a match. You’ll need to press and hold B while choosing the emote with your mouse.

Where is the thank the bus driver Keybind?

How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on all platforms: Thank the bus driver PC – Press ‘B’ on the keyboard while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver PS4 – Press ‘Down’ on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus.

Does thanking the bus driver in Fortnite do anything?

Thanking the Bus Driver in Fortnite doesn’t give you any perks or change anything in the game. It’s simply a fun little feature for players to discover – and a way to show their virtual appreciation. Read More: When does the next Fortnite season start?

How do you tip a Fortnite bus driver?

What’s the point of tipping the Bus Driver? There’s no point in tipping the Bus Driver. If you find the right NPC then you can tip him in different amounts, 500 gold bars, and 4,000 gold bars respectively.

How do I think the bus driver on Fortnite?

Who is the bus driver in Fortnite?

The identity of the Battle Bus driver is unknown, but its hinted by Farmer Steel that may be an older individual, since he tells us to “respect our elders” in a quest to thank the bus driver.

Where do you tip the bus driver in Fortnite 2022?

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 you can tip the bus driver in Coney Crossroads. Drop in at a location with an NPC that allows you to tip the bus driver. Speak with the NPC and select either Leave Large Tip and tip 4000 gold bars, or Leave Small Tip and tip 500 gold bars.

What happens if you tip the bus driver 4000 gold?

Upon tipping 4,000 gold bars, the player’s name was shown in the kill feed, and this sound was played simultaneously. It looks like the Battle Bus driver is reciprocating the generous tip with a special honk. All in all, tipping the bus driver is a massive flex that players can do in-game.

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