Why can’t I shuffle Spotify on computer?

Why can’t I shuffle Spotify on computer? The first thing you should try to do if Spotify shuffle isn’t working is to turn it off and on again. To do this on PC or Mac: Click the Shuffle button to disable the feature and click it again to reenable it.

How do I shuffle on my PC? 

Why is there no shuffle button on Spotify? Spotify has removed the shuffle button from album pages after Adele commented that the order tracks were placed in was supposed to “tell a story”. The singer thanked the streaming service after it made it less straightforward for users to listen to the songs of her new album, 30, in a random order.

Where is the shuffle button on Spotify? In Spotify, you’ll find the shuffle icon next to the rewind icon. To turn shuffle on or off, you just need to find and tap this icon. In the iPhone and Android apps, you can find it by tapping the name of the song playing at the bottom of the screen so it goes full-screen.

Why can’t I shuffle Spotify on computer? – Additional Questions

Did Spotify remove shuffle?

Spotify has removed the shuffle button as the default option when listening to albums. The shuffle option has been removed from the artist’s album page for Premium members, however, songs can still be shuffled optionally when viewing individual tracks.

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